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Evaluating Nutanix’ original & unique implementation of Data Locality – CloudXC

Recently DeepStorage.net published a paper “Evaluating Data Locality” which was commissioned by VMware who have been critical of Nutanix ever since releasing VSAN. The technology report preface includes strong language (below) broadly painting (data) locality as complicated and antithetical to … Continue reading →

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How-To Reference : Nutanix AHV

As working with Nutanix AHV on regular basis, i had collected the best known how-to blogs on AHV for any one to use instead of  googling.

Change Nutanix AHV Virtual Machine Disk Bus Type


Change Nutanix AHV Virtual Machine Network Placement


Import Windows Virtual Machine Using EFI Boot From VMware ESXi To Nutanix AHV


List number of VMs per Nutanix AHV host


Change & Verify Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine Network (VLAN) Placement


Deploy and customize multiple Linux VMs on Nutanix AHV


Nutanix AHV Network Configuration – Change Load Balancing


Nutanix AHV Network Configuration – Only Use 10Gbps NICs


Set Nutanix AHV Timezone


Nutanix AHV VM Reporting


Nutanix AHV and Windows Server Guest Customisation


Nutanix AHV and Linux VM Guest Customization


How To enable nested virtualization on AHV


How to put Nutanix Acropolis host into maintenance mode


To be updated..

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Microsoft Management Console Snap-In For Nutanix AFS Available — VCDX56

A few days ago, (2017-07-18) Nutanix released a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-In for Nutanix Acropolis File Services (AFS). This means you can now perform top level directories (TLD) actions such as the below once via a Microsoft MMC which you have pointed to the AFS name space: Create top-level directories Delete top-level directories Change…

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Virtual Design Master: Conceptual, Logical, Physical — TECHNICLOUD

This year I am honored to be one of the Virtual Design Master (vDM) judges. If you are unfamiliar with vDM, it is a technology driven reality competition that showcases virtualization community member and their talents as architects. Some competitors are seasoned architect while others are just beginning their design journey. To find out more […]

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Recovery Points and Schedules with Near-Sync on Nutanix — IT BLOOD PRESSURE

Primer post on near-sync For the GA release near-sync will be only offered with a telescopic schedule (time based retention). When you set the RPO =1 min you will have the option to save your snapshots for X number of weeks or months. As example if you set the RPO to 1 min and schedule…

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HYCU – Up and Running in 15 Minutes

With reference to my last post (here) as we know HYCU is purpose build backup solution for Nutanix. But the best part of the solution is following the principal of Nutanix Solution.. which is simplicity, unlike any traditional solution you don’t need any special skill to install, configure and manage.. no more babysitting..

The interface design seems to follow Nutanix Prism concept of user experience. As it is version 1 the main focus was core backup engine and interface.. more feature can be expected in upcoming releases.

To make my point i was able to install/deploy, configure and backup/restore in approx 15 minutes.. cant believe watch video below.. { i have to cut some part to reduce the size and save waiting time  :‑P }