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Nutanix File 3.6 another major release…!


As Nutanix Files is generating major traction in enterprise space, Nutanix Files team keeps adding more enterprise class features. As of today we have new release of Nutanix Files now version 3.6 with few key new features.

File Blocking
Block specific file types from the file server or share by specifying the extension. File types blocked on the share level override blocked extensions specified on the file server level.  This feature was I believe most asked by customers
NearSync Disaster Recovery (DR)
NearSync support for Nutanix Files, now have a 1 minute or greater recovery point objective (RPO), meaning you can configure NearSync to take snapshots of a file server in 1-minute intervals. 
SMB Message Encryption
SMB message encryption secures messages between the file server and client. Turn on SMB message encryption when creating or modifying a share.
Multi-byte Support For Share Root (NFS)
Multibyte support is extended to NFS. Files supports multibyte and Unicode character names for NFS exports and for multiprotocol shares.
Support Durable SMB File Handles
Durable handles let SMB clients survive a temporary client-side connection loss after opening a file, allowing transparent client re-connection within a timeout. 
Enable Compression
Files compression reduces the input/output (I/O) load and iSCSI traffic. 
Great Improvement in System Limits 
Overall the system limits are increases as distributed share reached 3PB and 1.8 for standard share with compression.
Support for Windows Server 2019
Supports for Active Directory (AD) 2019 server as a client for SMB share access and for join-domain operations. Improvements also include reduced permission requirements for join-domain delegated users.
Enable Scale-Up Recommendation
Scale-up performance optimization recommendation for SMB connection limits. Update the number of vCPUs and memory for the file server using the amount suggested by the scale-up recommendation.


More can be found on Release Notes

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Nutanix Scalability – Part 5 – Scaling Storage Performance for Physical Machines

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From all of our amazing authors and team at MVPDays publishing we have done it again.

From May 23-27,2017 you can get yourself a copy of each of our books we have released this year.

You may be asking yourself why we do this??? The answer is so simple… Because we love to share with you the IT community.

We recently had a chance to speak at #VeeamON 2017 the world’s largest availability Conference put on by Veeam Software.

During our sessions, we gave away copies of our books and decided why not make them free once again for everyone.

It’s our little way of giving back to all of you for working so hard in your day jobs.

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