Accelerating Your Cloud Data Management Strategy — Rubrik

In my previous blog post, I responded to a Gestalt IT article by Tim Carr that reviewed the typical stages of public cloud adoption in an enterprise. In particular, I focused on Rubrik solutions such as CloudOut, CloudOn, and Cloud Cluster, which provide customers with advanced data management capabilities for each phase of their cloud adoption […]

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.NEXT Announcements -vcdx133.com

Today Nutanix announced three major products: Xi Cloud Services, Calm and Xtract. Nutanix Xi Cloud Services Native cloud extension to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. This is a hybrid cloud play, not a public cloud play. Xi DRaaS is the first service to be offered. Initial service locations (4): Oakland and Santa Clara, CA and […]

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VM Migrations and Database Transformations for Simple Enterprise Cloud Adoption — Blog – Nutanix

At Nutanix .NEXT 2017, Nutanix announced new virtual machine (VM) migration and database (DB) transformational capabilities, designed to help customers more easily assess, and more simply migrate or transform datacenter workloads into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Whenever existing workloads require rehosting or replatforming, robust migration capabilities are needed to streamline and automate the process, minimizing…

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Nutanix and Google Cloud team up to simplify hybrid cloud


From Google Cloud Blog..

Today, we’re announcing a strategic partnership with Nutanix to help remove friction from hybrid cloud deployments for enterprises. We often hear from our customers that they’re looking for solutions to deploy workloads on premises and in the public cloud.

Benefits of a hybrid cloud approach include the ability to run applications and services, either as connected or disconnected, across clouds. Many customers are adopting hybrid cloud strategies so that their developer teams can release software quickly and target the best cloud environment for their application. However, applications that span both infrastructures can introduce challenges. Examples include difficulty migrating workloads such as dev-testing that need portability and managing across different virtualization and infrastructure environments.




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Nutanix introduces two new tools in quest to simplify hybrid cloud management — Kopitiam Bot

(Source: techcrunch.com) Nutanix was born in 2009 as a storage company, but always had a broader view of the computing world. As company president Sudeesh Nair told me, they started with storage because they believed legacy storage was holding back data center transformation. Today the company made another step beyond that initial vision introducing two […]

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Citrix Provisioning on Nutanix AHV — My Virtual Vision

If you’re a more regular reader of my blog you probably have read about Nutanix AHV, the native hypervisor that Nutanix ships. Nutanix AHV is built from the ground up for hyper convergence and that makes it a great hypervisor for desktop virtualisation. This is where the relationship with Citrix and the Citrix Provisioning SDK

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From all of our amazing authors and team at MVPDays publishing we have done it again.

From May 23-27,2017 you can get yourself a copy of each of our books we have released this year.

You may be asking yourself why we do this??? The answer is so simple… Because we love to share with you the IT community.

We recently had a chance to speak at #VeeamON 2017 the world’s largest availability Conference put on by Veeam Software.

During our sessions, we gave away copies of our books and decided why not make them free once again for everyone.

It’s our little way of giving back to all of you for working so hard in your day jobs.

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