The BC/DR Dilemma — PNW Nutant

Business continuity and disaster recovery, these four words can make or break the sanity of any server or virtualization professional. I personally would have rather stared into the face of Cthulhu and lost all of my remaining sanity (at one time there wasn’t much left either) than trying to navigate these waters. There was always […]

The BC/DR Dilemma — PNW Nutant

Nutanix NC2: Unify all your Private and Public Clouds — Cloud Whales

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) dramatically reduces the operational complexity of migrating, extending or bursting your applications and data between on-premises and clouds. Cloud on Your Terms with NC2 There is a pressing need for a single platform that can span private, distributed and public clouds so that operators can manage their traditional and modern applications…

Nutanix NC2: Unify all your Private and Public Clouds — Cloud Whales

Nutanix Product Ports & Protocols — Virtualization, DBaaS & Whatever Crosses My Mind

Not sure if you have already seen this already but recently Nutanix made a change to its overall documentation available via The change includes where product Ports and Protocols information is displayed and instead of keeping it in each and every products documentation it will be available via one place which makes it way…

Nutanix Product Ports & Protocols — Virtualization, DBaaS & Whatever Crosses My Mind

Exchange DAG backup Tips | Veeam — Cloud Whales

General Tips for VMware and Hyper-V: Use Veeam ONE!! Veeam ONE tracks the underlying backup change rates that generate “suspicious incremental backup size” alerts.pCPU to vCPU ratio 2:1, recommended 1:1Size the Exchange VM in a way, that it can run within a single NUMA node.Use thick provisioning for the disks for better performanceDo not enable…

Exchange DAG backup Tips | Veeam — Cloud Whales

Nutanix Security Central: Reduce Risk and Complexity — Cloud Whales

It should be news to no one that the number of cyber attacks and data breaches continues to rise. More than three-quarters of organizations have been victims of one or more successful cyber attacks. What about your business? How well are you protecting it against the onslaught of threats? As applications and infrastructure have evolved…

Nutanix Security Central: Reduce Risk and Complexity — Cloud Whales

Single-threaded DB performance on Nutanix HCI – n0derunner

A Nutanix cluster can persist a replicated write across two nodes in around 250 uSec which is critical for single-threaded DB write workloads. The performance compares very well with hosted cloud database instances using the same class of processor (db.r5.4xlarge in the figure below). The metrics below are for SQL insert transactions not the underlying IO.

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Red Hat OpenShift on Nutanix HCI –