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Nutanix In-Place Hypervisor Conversion | ESXi – AHV — HyperHCI Tech Blog

How to do Nutanix In-Place hypervisor / cluster conversion from VMware ESXi hypervisor to Nutanix AHV and vise-versa ( Convert back from Nutanix AHV to VMware ESXI hypervisor ) on Nutanix cluster [..] Read more

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Configuring physical network segmentation on AOS and validating it with NUTANIX X-Ray — vHandymans virtualization Blog

Intro In this blog post, I will show the configuration and “caveats” of the configuration to segment the CVM network traffic. In special routing the CVM Backplane traffic LAN via dedicated physical uplinks.(Physical isolation) I covered this during a configuration in a high secure environment of one of my customers. Each traffic type needed to […]

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Nutanix Is Reasserting Itself as an Alternative to VMware in the Data Center and in the Cloud — IT Connection

Summary Bullets: • Nutanix marked its ten-year anniversary with an expanded commitment to providing new on-premises support for emerging workloads, and solutions that enable hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. • New solutions like Nutanix Xi Clusters on AWS promise to further intensify the growing competition in the fast-changing market for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. This year’s […]

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Nutanix File 3.6 another major release…!


As Nutanix Files is generating major traction in enterprise space, Nutanix Files team keeps adding more enterprise class features. As of today we have new release of Nutanix Files now version 3.6 with few key new features.

File Blocking
Block specific file types from the file server or share by specifying the extension. File types blocked on the share level override blocked extensions specified on the file server level.  This feature was I believe most asked by customers
NearSync Disaster Recovery (DR)
NearSync support for Nutanix Files, now have a 1 minute or greater recovery point objective (RPO), meaning you can configure NearSync to take snapshots of a file server in 1-minute intervals. 
SMB Message Encryption
SMB message encryption secures messages between the file server and client. Turn on SMB message encryption when creating or modifying a share.
Multi-byte Support For Share Root (NFS)
Multibyte support is extended to NFS. Files supports multibyte and Unicode character names for NFS exports and for multiprotocol shares.
Support Durable SMB File Handles
Durable handles let SMB clients survive a temporary client-side connection loss after opening a file, allowing transparent client re-connection within a timeout. 
Enable Compression
Files compression reduces the input/output (I/O) load and iSCSI traffic. 
Great Improvement in System Limits 
Overall the system limits are increases as distributed share reached 3PB and 1.8 for standard share with compression.
Support for Windows Server 2019
Supports for Active Directory (AD) 2019 server as a client for SMB share access and for join-domain operations. Improvements also include reduced permission requirements for join-domain delegated users.
Enable Scale-Up Recommendation
Scale-up performance optimization recommendation for SMB connection limits. Update the number of vCPUs and memory for the file server using the amount suggested by the scale-up recommendation.


More can be found on Release Notes

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Simple and Powerful Automation with Prism Pro X-Play – Nutanix Blog


This post was authored by Sarah Hernandez Member of Technical Staff – Prism UI

It is no secret that automation has become a necessary part of IT Operations to ensure the success of your business. With automation comes with the benefits of reducing manual, repetitive tasks, minimizing human errors, and enabling IT teams to scale operations without needing to increase headcount. However, automation also introduces a new level of complexity with larger unknowns and risks.

When you start letting the machine take actions without the proper intelligence, things can quickly spiral out of control. Teams are often reluctant to start automating tasks, due to the risk that they could spend more time debugging issues in the automation, than if they just did the tasks manually in the first place. Today there are many tools that offer ways to automate operations in the data center, but none of them are able to remove the complexity that can help alleviate the fears and risks of automating tasks that admins face daily.

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Supercharging your Nutanix AHV Clusters with Compute Only Nodes – Nutanix Blog



This post was authored by Tanuja Ingale, Sr. Product Manager for AHV

Over the last few years, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS platform has evolved by leaps and bounds in terms of platform robustness, simplicity in management and continuous innovation from storage and infrastructure level all the way up to multi-cloud multi-application management framework.

Key features such as data resiliency, performance, scalability, and product maturity make Nutanix HCI a truly compelling and complete platform for running a wide-range of workloads. It simplifies deployment of enterprise-class applications and services running in bare-metal, virtualized or cloud-computing environments.

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