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Rubrik’s Masterless Cluster approach — filipv.net

I’ve written a blog post about Atlas, our distributed filesystem before, where I tried to differentiate between pre-packaged solutions, ultimately using existing legacy architectures with inherited build-in single points of failures, and a truly distributed system where each node in the cluster can perform all of the tasks that are required for successful operation of […]

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Choose Your Cloud: Rubrik Enhances Multi-cloud Management — Rubrik

At Rubrik, we are focused on architecting a complete enterprise data management platform from data center to cloud. The Rubrik Alta 4.0 release furthered this vision by rounding out support for the key modern physical and virtual environments in the enterprise with Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV support, instant recovery for SQL Server, native Oracle […]

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Rubrik and Microsoft, rest assured. — filipv.net

Rubrik has been working with Microsoft’s solutions in various ways since version 2.3 with the initial support of Microsoft Azure as an archive location for long-term retention data. You can even argue the relationship started earlier than that with support for application consistent backups for Microsoft applications through our own VSS provider and requester (for […]

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Helping Customers with Their Cloud Journey — Rubrik

There was a time not so long ago when adopting the public cloud was considered too big of risk for the enterprise. Today, enterprises are seeing public cloud vendors as strategic partners and exploring new ways to leverage the innovation, agility, and scale of providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. However, enterprise […]

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Rubrik with Nutanix AHV …contd.

Continuation to my last post of protecting Nutanix AHV with Rubrik, once the VMs are protected by assigned SLA Domain, Rubrik job engine is going to hand over rest of tasks. The best part of the Rubrik interface I like the most is Google like search capabilities, you search the target like VMs, Folder, Clusters or files and folder to restore.

Search in VMs to get the VMs started, to protect or to restore..


The search will display if the VM is already protected by SLA Domain or unprotected, Select the protected VM,


which presents you a nice protection overview and let you take on demand snapshot of that VM. The view also presents you the oldest and latest snapshot, total number of snapshots and if any missed snapshots.

The calendar view is one of most impressive where you see little blue dot representing your snapshots per day, month or year calendar view.

To restore full VM click on the date you need with the little blue dot to take action, to browse the snapshot for files or export the full VM.snap0349

Select export to restore full VM and select the target,


Click Export, wait for the Notification bell (on top right) to ring, then go to Nutanix Prism and verify the restored virtual machine…. your another day saved.

But the best part is search, click browse or just search what you are looking for in Snaphots section.


select the file it will let you select the snapshot from which you need to restore or download the file.


Done..  but what about self-service restore..

Rubrik does support local users or Active Directory, in Setting wheel by clicking manage users, a local user can be created or AD Domain can be added.


create local user..


speficiy the name, email address and password.


Now Authorization has to be granted to that user from Grant Authorization


select End User and select the object to assign. The user can also be restricted from destructive restore, Clusters..


Individual VMs


and continue.. the best part use search everywhere.. fantastico..

next select where the user is allowed to restore.. snap0371

Now continue and Assign

Now if the user logged-in to Rubrik interface, only the assigned objects are visible to him,


and can do the restore of allowed objects..

Conclusion.. Now backup operators can have a long vacation.



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Automating SQL Server Live Mounts with Rubrik Alta (4.0) — Virtually Sober

How many times in your career have you tested something that totally blew you away? Your mind racing with use cases both past and present. The first VM you created? Check. Your first vMotion? Check. Your first storage vMotion? Check. But what next? I just found one to add to my list and its SQL…

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