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How to run containers and VMs side-by-side on Nutanix Karbon –

Original post by Nimal Kunnath, Senior Systems Reliability Engineer at Nutanix

Organizations worldwide are adopting Kubernetes and cloud native technologies at breakneck pace. Containers have become the new norm of packaging applications and Kubernetes is at the forefront, orchestrating and running containers at scale. App modernization has increasingly become one of the top priorities in IT. This has been accelerated in the wake of the pandemic with industries shifting quickly to meet emerging demands. In fact, Gartner states that 69% of Boards of Directors accelerated their Digital Business Initiatives following COVID-19 disruption.

However, this shift is easier said than done.  Most organizations have invested heavily in VMs and the practice of maintaining them across their lifecycle. The legacy applications that run on virtualized compute platforms will  have to be refactored or replatformed in order to take advantage of the new cloud native environment. This is time-consuming and has to be done carefully with minimal impact to the business. Being able to maintain the same quality and performance is another significant challenge. 

Enter KubeVirt. KubeVirt is an open-source project that enables VMs to be managed by Kubernetes alongside containers. This is particularly great in scenarios where an application may include a service that has to be run in a VM. The point here is that VMs are treated as first-class citizens using native Kubernetes tools. Operators have the option of using a single platform, reducing the complexities involved in managing two stacks and multiple management planes.

Nutanix has been consistently recognised as an industry leader for its ability to run virtualized workloads.  Nutanix also enables containerized workloads to run via its managed Kubernetes solution, Nutanix Karbon. With KubeVirt, customers now have the freedom to migrate VM workloads across them, whilst continuing to benefit from Nutanix’s distributed scale-out storage.

The recent announcement of Nutanix’s strategic partnership with Red Hat is even more promising on this front as Red Hat offers OpenShift Virtualization, a solution that leverages KubeVirt. OpenShift further enhances the user experience with advanced operational and monitoring capabilities.

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