Take a pause and look back — EDSAC

Its been long way computers had been evolved, today we take computers for granted in every part of our life, the computer no matter which form either personal, mobile or car had become inseparable, but looking back in history the early engineers or can call then computer scientist had faced tremendous challenges at every steps.


University of Warwick had develop a EDSAC Simulator, EDSAC was the world’s first stored-program computer build by Cambridge University as to operate computing services. The simulator is available here if you are interested.

In the above video Professor David Brailsford from University of Nottingham explains how to use the EDSAC Simulator and remembers the challenges faced by actual EDSAC, courtesy YouTube channel Computerphile.

Take a pause and appreciate those early computer scientist.


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Why IT Needs a New Data Protection Strategy for Unstructured Data — – The Home of Storage Switzerland

Unstructured data has always been a sore spot for the data protection process. The growth in the number of files that make up unstructured data sets and the capacity that they consume now threatens to break the data protection model completely. Considering that every indicator suggests the growth in the unstructured data will not only […]

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Virtualization Roundup – Future of Server Virtualization Backup — Blog –

While virtualization has been here for more than 30 years, it had a larger outreach over the last decade with top technological companies having their own hypervisors, VMware, Microsoft for example. With emergence of multi-core processors and increasingly dense memory, workloads have grown tremendously thus paving way to a number of hypervisors and cloud technologies.…

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Top 5 Tips for Sales Engineers & Seeking Wisdom — Virtually Sober

I’ve recently been listening to a fantastic podcast called “Seeking Wisdom” by David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt from the movement that is Drift, after being introduced to it by my wife. I feel like I’m kind of giving away my secret weapon in even mentioning them, let alone sharing the contents of this post, but…

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Project “Honolulu” technical preview is now available for download!

On of the major and interesting announcement Microsoft had done in Microsoft Ignite is new shiny web-based management interface called “Project Honululu”, leaving behind the legacy of Server Manager, Powershell, SCVMM, SCOM, and obviously RSAT.

The technical preview is available to download and try at TechNet blog here at below links with some interesting videos.

The download is just 30MB and can be installed on WIndows 10 and manage Windows Server 1709, Windows 2016 and Windows 2012/2012R2. For Windwos 2012/2012R2 WMF 5 is required.

It can be installed in three scenarios, local install to manage local server for Windows 2016 and Server 1709 only. Gateway install to manage multiple servers, gateway can only be Windows 2016 and Server 1709 only and manage Windows Server 1709, Windows 2016 and Windows 2012/2012R2, or Windows 10 client to manage Windows Server 1709, Windwos 2016 and Windows 2012/2012R2 servers.

To learn more about project Honululu do visit here