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Data Protection is the Key to Hyperconverged Adoption – HYCU Briefing Note — – The Home of Storage Switzerland

Most HCI systems are first purchased to be the platform for a specific greenfield project within an already busy data center. The goal is to expand HCI use as new projects come online or old ones are ready for IT to migrate to a new system. The land and expand process has worked well for […]

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Demo: ESXi Backup with Nutanix Snapshot with HYCU — IT BLOOD PRESSURE

In addition to the support of Nutanix clusters that use Nutanix native AHV hypervisors, HYCU introduces the support for Nutanix environments that use VMware ESXi hypervisors. By using the native Nutanix storage layer snapshot technology, VMware snapshot stuns are avoided.

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HYCU v1.5 – Nutanix AHV Backup gets new features — IT BLOOD PRESSURE

HYCU v1.5 has been released by Comtrade. The biggest one for me is ABS support! Know you can use cheap and deep storage and drive all of the storage controllers. Remember that ADS works with ABS so its a great solution. The following new features and enhancements are available with Hycu version 1.5.0: Backup window…

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HYCU – Up and Running in 15 Minutes

With reference to my last post (here) as we know HYCU is purpose build backup solution for Nutanix. But the best part of the solution is following the principal of Nutanix Solution.. which is simplicity, unlike any traditional solution you don’t need any special skill to install, configure and manage.. no more babysitting..

The interface design seems to follow Nutanix Prism concept of user experience. As it is version 1 the main focus was core backup engine and interface.. more feature can be expected in upcoming releases.

To make my point i was able to install/deploy, configure and backup/restore in approx 15 minutes.. cant believe watch video below.. { i have to cut some part to reduce the size and save waiting time  :‑P }

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HAIKU.. holding to adopt Nutanix AHV.. hold no more…

Since Nutanix had introduced AHV –  there had been lots of speculation as Nutanix was moving out of HCI and moving towards full stack enterprise platform. More can be found about Nutanix AHV at Josh Odgers’s excellent blog here.

With every release Nutanix AHV we had been seen new features been added, but the only thing a general adaptation was holding it was a proper backup solution. Perhaps there were adaptation of AHV using native data protection or using legacy backup solutions, some vendors* do supports AHV but it does not seems to go with them looking at the other factors.

Last week to fill the gap Comtrade Softwares well-known for SCOM MP for Nutanix had released backup software exclusive for Nutanix Platform.. HYCU.. pronounced as haiku is form of japanese poetry known for simplicity.. is well suited name for the solution following Nutanix design simplicity..

HYCU is using Nutanix API talks to Nutanix Acropolis directly and not to the hypervisor running on Nutanix Platform making it hypervisor agnostics. It also support automatic discovery of applications running inside virtual machines to protect them.

The best part of HYCU is it follow Nutanix simplistic approach. In may test setup i was literally done in less than 5 min.. then i was left thinking what to do next.. have a coffee..

The dashboard is designed keeping in my the most important required information available in single sight for administrators as well as any C levels.

Dashboard with menu

HYCU currently support backup targets as Azure, AWS or any NFS or CIFS shares or Nutanix AFS.


The protection is based on policy which can be customised as per your need to be compliant with primary and or secondary backup target.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.19.40 copy.jpg

The intuitive interfaces is really going to make administrators job easy with access to required options and information available.. with less babysitting.

HYCU has also introduce self-service for end users to remove dependency from administrators and simplifing recovery when needed.

Moving forward although it is release one and still room for developement lots of backups vendors are trying to jump onboard and support AHV. The key with HYCU is its cost which makes much affordable for every sector and to eliminate the hypervisor tax without off-setting to other side..

Stay tuned for hands-on videos of install and configuration of HYCU..