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Entity-Centric Storage Policies

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In the hybrid multicloud world, applications need more agility to run anywhere and to efficiently move their application data and storage configuration. Nutanix is committed to continuously innovate to support this journey. A new feature called “Storage Policy” introduces storage configuration at a per VM level.

On Nutanix storage, configuration features such as data redundancy, encryption (for security), data compression, deduplication, and erasure coding (storage space optimization) are defined at a container level. A container is a logical segmentation of the physical storage space and contains a group of VMs or files (vDisks). However, managing containers across clusters in a hybrid cloud environment introduces a lot of complexity. Storage Policies simplifies this experience by bringing the storage configuration closer to the application where users have the ability to configure attributes at a per VM (VM group) level across clusters.

Policy-based multi-cluster storage configuration enables workload/application mobility across clusters without worrying about underlying storage container configuration. Customers can set and manage storage policy templates by departments, applications, and business Criticality (for example, policies for database VMs) from Prism Central.

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