Nutanix Files 4.0 – New Milestone

Nutanix Files Dashboard

Today Nutanix marked another milestone with its enterprise-grade files services with Nutanix Files v 4. This version along with normal fixes and security updates introduces new features to lure enterprises towards moving file services on Nutanix HCI.

  1. Files Console – The Files web console provides a new standalone interface for administering and configuring a file server from the Files control plane rather than from the Prism Element UI. The Files Console works independently of the Prism Element (PE) control plane and is dedicated for administering Files. 
  2. Smart Tiering with Data Lens – Nutanix Data Lens centralizes data from all of your file servers across various data center locations from around the globe. Smart Tiering allows to migrate cold data from your file server to an object store using tiering policies, and tiering thresholds.
  3. Anonymization of File Server Logs – Log anonymization protects the privacy of data during troubleshooting, by masking sensitive information such as IP addresses, usernames, passwords, and file and directory names. 
  4. Files v4 REST APIs  – The Files v4 APIs are independent from Prism Element (PE) and Prism Central (PC) APIs. You can access the REST APIs through the Files Console.
  5. Ransomware Protection Enhancements – Expansion to up to 10,0000 blocked ransomware patterns per file server and Separate management of ransomware patterns and file blocking patterns. Manage ransomware patterns from File Analytics or Data Lens, and manage file blocking patterns from the Files Console.


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