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Nutanix AHV strengthen enterprise readiness with new Prism Central updates.


In case anyone had missed last week Nutanix and Redhat had announced alliance to strengthen enterprise offering by certifying RHEL and Openshift on Nutanix AHV.

Nutanix Blog here

RedHat Blog Here

Today Nutanix had announce new release of Prism Central version 2021.7 with some of much anticipated features and enhancements.

AHV Metro Availability with Witness – With Metro Availability now supported, enterprises can have a full automatic site availability for clusters running Nutanix AHV.

More X-Play Actions Added for Playbook – As Prism Central actions based on categories, assigning categories was a big job until now. With new x-play action, that process can be automated to assign / unassign categories to VM, Host, Clusters, etc.

Now X-Play can aswell trigger Ansible workflows and jobs for more guest based automation or management.

Prism Central 1-Click Disaster Recovery – With the new enhancement now Prism Central can be protected from site or cluster failure by native backup / replication upto three clusters. The recovery process is as usual 1-click experience and supports AHV as well as Vmware ESXi.

Flow Microsegmentation – Flow version 1.0 – Now Flow will be independent release and be unlocked from AOS / Prism Central release train. This will allow Flow to be enhance must faster.

Powershell cmdlets v2.0

This release of Prism Central now supports PowerCLI cmdlets version 2.0. PowerCLI cmdlets 2.0 introduces a new set of detailed cmdlets. 

These are only few of the enhancements, more new features can be found on release notes here (Nutanix Portal require Login)

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