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Enjoy Holidays and new features of Nutanix AOS

Today Nutanix had release new release of there core AOS 5.19 and Prism Central 2020.11. The new release much greater improvements, few new features and few much anticipated features. Few of them are listed below for reference, more can be read on release notes.

AOS 5.19 / Prism Central 2020.11
Support for Multi-Site Replication with Leap
Support for Cross cluster live migration with Leap
License Manager / Licensing as a Service
Storage Capacity Reporting Enhancement
Native Key Manager Support for ROBO Clusters

Flow Networking
Simplified workflow to deploy App-driven network virtualization with turnkey built into Prism Central.
Secure multi-tenancy with per-tenant isolation using virtual private cloud (VPC) based network segmentation and namespace isolation.
VPN-based seamless connectivity across multiple sites with an automated VPN lifecycle.
IP Address retention and policy based routing for stretched subnets. NAT-based secure egress to networks external to a VPC.
Self-service networking services for applications through REST APIs.
Enhanced networking to facilitate more effective disaster recovery.
Policy Rule Description Enhancement
Default VDI Policy
Support for Multiple Remote Syslog Servers
Security Policy Grouping and Filtering

Windows Defender Credential Guard Support in AHV
Live vDisk Migration Across Storage Containers
Virtual Network Switches Management
Support for Cross cluster live migration with Leap

NOTE : This release is STS and some of the features are in Tech preview hence care should be taken while considering to upgrade production clusters.

Head to Nutanix portal for detailed list of features and enhancements.

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