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Scaling Storage Capacity – Nutanix vs VMware vSAN – CloudXC

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In the first post in this series I compared the actual Usable Capacity between Nutanix ADSF vs VMware vSAN on the same hardware.

We saw approximately 30-40% more usable capacity delivered by Nutanix.

Next we compared Deduplication & Compression technologies where we learned Nutanix has outright capacity efficiency, flexibility, resiliency and performance advantages over vSAN.

Then we looked at Erasure Coding where we learned the Nutanix implementation (called EC-X) is both dynamic & flexible by balancing performance and capacity efficiencies in real time.

vSAN on the other hand has a rudimentary “All or nothing” approach which can lead to higher front end impact and does not dynamically apply Erasure Coding to the most suitable data.

Via Scaling Storage Capacity – Nutanix vs VMware vSAN


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