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Customizing AHV VMs with RestAPI –


This article provides an introduction to the nature of Guest Customization support for AHV VMs and how one can configure this using the Prism Central v3 APIs.


Using the AHV Image Services and Clone functionality, users can reduce the amount of time needed to bring up an AHV Virtual Machine (VM). As per their organisational security standards, users can have base images with the necessary software and patches installed in the Guest OS. However, in certain deployments, there is a need to make changes specific to a particular instance. This can be achieved via the Guest Customization functionality which allows users to have OS customization while creating a VM from AHV Image or Cloning an existing VM. The mechanism to customize a guest depends on the Guest OS; Cloud Init is used for customizing Linux Guests and SysPrep is used for Windows Guests.

In order to customize guests via v3 API, one has to make a POST request to the vms endpoint. Please refer to the vms POST documentation for how the complete VM spec has to be populated for creating a VM. Let’s look at examples around how the spec has to be populated when customizing guests.

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