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Nutanix DR Runbooks – Part 1 – vmwaremine.com

This post is authored by Artur Krzwdzinski and all credits goes to him.


Nutanix DR runbooks overview

Nutanix DR (Disaster Recovery) runbooks help orchestrate, automate and test failover and failback processes for applications running on top of Nutanix AOS. DR runbooks do not require deployment of additional components. It is a part of Nutanix Prism Central. If you have Prism Central deployed, you are only few click away from having fully funtionalsolution.

Nutanix DR runbooks – Architecture

Nutanix DR runbooks leverage Prism Central as management plane and to store all configuration data (categories, protection policies, recovery plans). All configuration data is automatically replicated between Prism Central instances which are part of the solution. Single availability zone can have multiple replication targets (Nutanix clusters) configured and available for replication. In Nutanix AOS 5.10 DR runbooks support 1:1 replication target and Async replication. In upcoming AOS releases expect to new functionalities and enhancements to existing features.

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