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Veritas Netbackup with Nutanix AHV – Backup

Veritas Netbackup with Nutanix AHV – Introduction
Veritas Netbackup with Nutanix AHV – Backup  (This post)
Veritas Netbackup with Nutanix AHV – Restore

In my previous post here I had gone through how to verify the prerequisites for integration of Veritas Netbackup to protect Nutanix AHV. In this blog i will go through the policy configuration and backup of Nutanix AHV VMs.

  1. Create a new policy and specify name of the policyFutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-17_3 FutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-17_2
  2. On the attributes tab select “BigData” as Policy Type and use your Policy Storage.FutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-17_5
  3. On Schedule tab create a new schedule for backups using required frequency setting or calendar schedule and backup windows.futuretec-connect_ft-mgmt_2017-12-17_6.png
  4. On next Clients tab specify the AHV Virtual Machine names you need to protect. NOTE: The VM names are case-sensitive, I would recommend to copy and paste the client names from Prism interface. NOTE: The client operating system is NOT automatically detected.FutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-17_7
  5. The most important configuration is on “Backup Selection” tab. Add the below as
    • Application_Type=Nutanix-AHV
    • Backup_Host=<hostname of your backup host>
    • Application_Server=<ip address or fqdn of Nutanix cluster>FutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-18_1
  6. Save the policy by click OK

At this point you are ready to test your Nutanix AHV policy. Right click the policy you created and click “Manual Backup” and click OKFutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-18_2FutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-18_3

Go to Activity Monitor and the policy process, you can also see in Prism snapshot creation task before backup has started and snapshot deletion when backup finished.

FutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-18_7

FutureTEC Connect_FT-MGMT_2017-12-18_8

Looking at the backup speed I was really impressed, while I was uploading the above image the backup was already finished. In order to verify the speed I did run a full backup of a VM having 50Gb of data and was completed in ~8 minutes and consecutive backups in ~3 minutes. NOTE: Although statistics may vary based on real environment.

In continuation next post here I will cover how to restore the VM to Nutanix Cluster.




5 thoughts on “Veritas Netbackup with Nutanix AHV – Backup

  1. Farhan good post. Its really helpful. I already did your instruction but when I do full backup job I get error id 6655 which means no virtual machine exist. How do this happens and what is the solution?


  2. Hi Farhan thanks for your respond… I already tried to input the vmname by copy and paste it but resulting same error. after more checking i found that the nutanix acropolis os version doesnt meet the software compablity list on the netbackup.



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