Quick Tip : Create Phoenix ISO for bare metal image & Expand Nutanix Cluster manually from cli

Nutanix prism allows you to expand cluster in 1-click fashion which will allow to discover, image (foundation), configure network and expand cluster (expand storage pool) in two page wizard, but some times due to unknown reason or environmental restrictions you cannot use prism wizard..

  1. Use field guide to Image the node with your choice of hypervisor.
  2. Use phoenix to get CVM Configured on the node..

but recently you don’t get to download phoenix iso from support but instead generate from any existing CVM as below;

allssh  ls  ~/foundation/nos/

to find where you have AOS tar uploaded already, then ssh to that CVM..and run

mkdir /home/nutanix/foundation/tmp

it might possibly exists.. change to foundation binary directory

cd /home/nutanix/foundation/bin

run below command to create phoenix iso..

..upto foundation 3.6

./foundation --generate_phoenix --nos_package=/home/nutanix/foundation/nos/
--temp-dir ~/foundation/tmp

for foundation version 3.7 above

./generate_iso phoenix --aos-package ~/foundation/nos/nutanix_installer_package-release-euphrates-x.x.x.x-stable.tar.gz 
--esx ~/foundation/isos/hypervisor/esx/installer-esxi.iso
--temp-dir ~/foundation/tmp

replace the currect aos/hypervisor image tar file and version..

In case you want to use to generate AHV iso use below command

./generate_iso kvm --temp-dir=/home/nutanix/foundation/tmp ~/foundation/isos/hypervisor/kvm/ahv_tar_archive.tar.gz

WinSCP to CVM and download the Phoenix/AHV ISO file to be used for new node imaging.

Once node is ready, use Prism Cluster Expand to configure. if you cannot you can always manually set IP address to hypervisor and CVM using IPv6 or through hypervisor internal network. Once IP addresses are set and connectivity is verified run below command on your Nutanix cluster to discover the new node by your Nutanix cluster.

ncli cluster discover-nodes

Which should show output as below

Cluster Id :
 Controller Vm Address :
 Current Network Interface : eth0
 Foundation Version : foundation-3.5-7ca0fb1f
 Hypervisor : hyperv
 Hypervisor Address :
 Hypervisor Version : Microsoft_Windows_Server_2012_R2_Datacenter
 Ip : fe80::215:5dff:fe09:8c00%eth0
 Ipmi Address :
 Node Position : D
 Node Uuid : 50d9b2f9-d099-4a7f-bc4b-4417d4a4413e
 Nos Version : 5.0.1
 Rackable Unit Model : NX-1065-G4
 Rackable Unit Serial : 16SM6501XXXX
 Sed Node : false
 Svm Ip :

Note the node UUID and run below command to add the node to cluster.

ncli cluster add-node node-uuid="50d9b2f9-d099-4a7f-bc4b-4417d4a4413e"

Go have coffee and when you are back login to Prism to see the newly added node or new storage size..

If the post had helped you somehow or in anycase feedback/comments welcomed..


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