Quick Tip – Paging file in Guest OS

Its been not so long enterprises are actually ready to move to 100% virtualization including business critical workloads. My recent venture with one of enterprise they had decided to move from Hyper-v to VMware ESXi most challenging concern raised was how do we size page file in Guest OS as ESXi is also going to have swap files which play havoc with storage admins, so I decided to put some reference in one post for any future references.

As Brien Posey mentioned in his post

“The Windows Pagefile is a legacy operating system component that is left over from the days when physical memory was really expensive. The idea was that hard disk storage space could be used to compensate for shortages of physical RAM. Today the Windows Pagefile is also used to accommodate crash dump information.”

What is the Page File for anyway?

Page File – The Definitive Guide

The Pagefile Done Right!

How to determine the appropriate page file size for 64-bit versions of Windows

How To Use Smart Paging in Hyper-V

For some indepth reading:

Pushing the Limits of Windows

So bottom line is don’t follow rule of thumb, monitor commit charges and configure page file accordingly for your critical workloads. Try to put page file in faster tier if not possible to different spindle and different virtual disk.


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