How To – Nutanix Self Service Portal (1)

With AOS 5.0 Nutanix had release Self Service Portal (SSP), SSP enables enterprises to move towards private cloud even may be public cloud without any third-party integration.

SSP enables end users (developers, testing engineers) to consume IT infrastructure in self service manner without administrators intervention.

In this post I will walk through the process of configuration of SSP and go through the interface end-user will be using to manage its Virtual Machines.

In order to configure SSP confirm the below prerequisites;

  1. AOS 5.0 and above with AHV only
  2. Active Directory Details (Currently SSP uses Active Directory for authentication and RBAC, ldap only)
  3. Create a user or group to be designated as cloud administrator.
  4. Create user or group to be designated as end-user or project (tenant) administrator.
  5. Networks are created (make sure all networks had name defined)

To Enable Self Service Portal;

Click on drop-down next to Home


click Self Service

This opens new browser tab as


This is the same URL end users will be accessing to login to SSP.

Login using admin and Nutanix defualt password.

On next screen you will be allowed to select Active Directory connection if you already have in Prism or you can add as below;ssp02

NOTE: The Self-Service Portal does not support LDAPS in this release.

Next you will be able to designate Active Directory user or group as Cloud Administrator


That’s it your Self Service portal is ready to use. Now you can login with cloud administrator AD credentials to SSP



Once you logged in you can see all the VMs created through Prism and have full management access on them. NOTE: Cloud Administrator has full access on all the VMs within Prism and Project except Networks. Cloud Administrator will not be able to create or manage Networks, that only can be done by Prism Administrators .

Once logged-in you will be able to see all the VMs present on the cluster.


Next you can create a Project (Tenant), make sure network is already configured to be used by project.

Select Project from left list, and Click +Create Project


In Next Screen enter details like Name, AD Users who can create and or manage the VMs base on roles, select network to be used by project. Optionally you can also define quota of vcpus, ram and storage for the project.

Next the designated project user can login and start creating VMs either using Images or Catalog.

In next post I will be going through creating Images and Catalog to be used for SSP.

How To – Nutanix Self Service Portal (2)

How To – Nutanix Self Service Portal (3)


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