How To – Nutanix Self Service Portal (2)

In my previous post i had gone through how to enable Self Service Portal, create Project and designate project users.

In this port i will go through how to create catalog and image which can be used by users to create virtual machines within project.

Catalog : Catalog list the VMs, disks and ISO to be used by users to create VMs. You can add a pre-installed VM to catalog, also any disk or ISO files. The VMs in catalog appear to users as Template and Disk or ISO files as Disk Images.

To add virtual machine to catalog follow the steps as below;

  1. Login as Prism Administrator and create VM with appropriate name.
  2. Install OS, required Applications and shutdown the VM.
  3. Login as Cloud Administrator
  4. Select the appropriate VM

add-catalog-vms5. Go to Actions from top menu and select + Add To Catalog


6. Enter Name for the VM and click Save.

To add virtual machine to Image follow the steps as below;

During Initial SSP configuration as well as later any image created in Image Configuration by Prism Administrator automatically imported.

Click on Images from Left menu and click + Create Image


Define name, description and select type of disk and location from URL or file and click Save to create Image.

Once the file is uploaded it will be listed, the file can also uploaded by Image Configuration through Prism Console by Prism Administrator.


Click Settings and then Image Configuration;


Enter Name, Annotation, disk type, location from URL or file and click save.


All the available Images will be listed as above.

To add to Catalog select the Image and go to Actions.


The Image will be added to Catalog to be used by users to create VMs

In next post I will be going through creating VMs with end-user prospective.

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