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Its Christmas … AOS 5.0 here

Today Nutanix had finally release there next version of most anticipated release AOS 5.0.

Here i am trying to list few features AOS 5.0 brings..

New Features

  1. Acropolis File Services
    1. Support for AHV and ESXi
    2. Support for Aync DR
    3. Group and User level quota
    4. Access based enumeration
  2. Acropolis Dynamic Scheduling
  3. AHV Affinity Policies
    1. VM-host affinity
    2. VM-VM anti-affinity policies
  4. REST API 2.0
  5. Metro Availability Witness
  6. Acropolis Block Services
    1. Support for CHAP
    2. Dynamic Load Balancing
    3. IP-based initiator whitelisting
    4. Ability to expand LUNs
  7. Self-Service Portal (SSP)
  8. Run NCC checks from the Prism
  9. Network Visualization
  10. ESXi VM Management by Using Prism

Updated Features

  1. Authentication Changes When Using Active Directory Without Role Permissions Assigned
  2. Licensing Workflow Improvements
  3. Deprecation of TLS 1.1, TLS 1.0, SSLv3
  4. Compression Enhancements (Now uses LZ4 and LZ4HC)
  5. Event Notifications
  6. Automatic Inclusion of Related Entities in a Protection Domain
  7. Ability to Increase the Size of a Virtual Disk or Volume Group
  8. Single-Node Replication Target Clusters
  9. Flash Mode Support for Virtual Machines and Volume Groups
  10. Cluster Latency Visualization
  11. Erasure Coding Changes
  12. Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) Silent Installer for Windows
  13. One-hour RPO for Storage Heavy Platforms
  14. In-guest User Interface for Self-Service Restore
  15. Simplified SATA-DOM Replacement

Tech Preview Features

  1. XenServer hypervisor
  2. Hot Plugging Memory and CPU on Virtual Machines (AHV)

Reference AOS 5.0 release notes here.


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