Quick Ref : Nutanix Post Install

Set Time Zone:

ncli cluster set-timezone timezone=Asia/Kuwait

Update Time Zone on AHV Hosts

hostssh "date; mv /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.bak; '
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Kuwait '
/etc/localtime; date"

To list all available time zones

ssh root@ ls -l /usr/share/zoneinfo

Check time on all CVMs

allssh date

Set time on all CVMs

allssh sudo date -s "HH:MM:SS"

Run Nutanix Cluster Check

ncc health_checks run_all

Run Diagnostics

~/diagnostics/ run

Diagnostics Clean-up

~/diagnostics/ cleanup

Check BIOS and BMC firmware (KB1262)

ncc hardware_info update_hardware_info

ncc hardware_info show_hardware_info --cvm_ip=a.b.c.d,e.f.g.h,i.j.k.l

cd /home/nutanix/data/hardware_logs

grep -w -A 6 -e Info -we BIOS -e BMC *_output

Verify the firmware version with KB 2670

Check HBA firmware (KB3035)

AHV/ESXi: allssh 'sudo /home/nutanix/cluster/lib/lsi-sas/lsiutil 0'
Hyper-V: allssh  'winsh "cd \Program?Files; cd Nutanix\Utils; .\lsiutil.exe 0"'

Check BMC firmware version (KB1262 & 2918)

AHV/ESXi: allssh ssh root@ "/ipmitool mc info| grep -i 'firmware revision'"
Hyper-V: allssh 'winsh ipmiutil.exe serial | grep -i bmc'

Check BIOS firmware version  (KB1262 & 2918)

AHV/ESXi: allssh ssh root@ "smbiosDump  | head -n 10"
Hyper-V: allssh 'winsh systeminfo | grep BIOS'

NOTE : For firmware always contact support..

Add NTP Servers

 ncli cluster add-to-ntp-servers servers="x.x.x.x"

Add Name Servers (DNS)

 ncli cluster add-to-name-servers servers="x.x.x.x"

Test Email if SMTP is configured

 ncli cluster send-test-email recipient="" subject="test_email_subject"

Note : If Nutanix Tunnel is used above command is not applicable

Collecting ncc logs for Support analysis

ncc log_collector run_all --last_no_of_days=3



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