Nutanix 1-Click Cluster Expand..

When Nutanix is been talked about its always simplicity what comes first.. recently i had chance to expand a three node cluster with additional three nodes for additional capacity..

The first step not required to mention is rack mount and cable, prepare IP addresses etc, and power on the new nodes. Make sure Shared data/ipmi port or ipmi port is connected.

Once the nodes are powered on from Prism Settings wheel at right top corner select Expand Cluster. The new nodes are automatically detected as below


Next provide IP Address for nodes..


provide hypervisor iso file..


and click Run Checks.. which verifies connectivity  between IPMI, Host and CVM.

In case of  VLANs it is recommended to have the ports of new nodes configured as access mode with default vlan that of host and cvm subnet.

Thats all click Expand Cluster if no issues reported during Run Checks…

..lets have a coffee..its good time to interact with customer administrators.


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