Nutanix 1-click VMWare ESXi update/upgrade using Prism.

This video will demostrate the Nutanix 1-click VMWare ESXi upgrade from version 5.5 to version 6.0 though Prism.

Pre-requisites for the process are as below;

  1. Nutanix block running on VMware ESXi with DRS enabled.
  2. VMWare ESXi zip packages downloaded from VMWare downloads portal and json file downloaded from Nutanix portal.
  3. VMware vCenter credentials.

Since version AOS 4.7 you can update minor releases of VMWare ESXi using MH5 hash instead of json. the process is same instead of json you will provide md5 hash.)

During the demostration the failures are intentional to verify the requirements, hence i will recommend to watch the video completely before you can proceed in your environment.


Nutanix 1-Click VMWare ESXi upgrade/update.. using Prism from Farhan Parkar on Vimeo.



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