Creating VM Template in Nutanix AHV

One of the benifits of virtualization is using VM templates to create quick and fast multiple VMs from single template.

VMware provides you easy option to convert any VM to template and deploy VMs from the templates, Hyper-V provides with SCVMM,

But Nutanix AHV its easier with integrated Image management if you know how to.. so…

  1. Create a VM in AHV
  2. Install Nutanix VirtIO
  3. Shutdown the VM

Login to Nutanix Cluster using SSH and enter below to add to AHV Image Configuration.

acli image.create MyTemplateName clone_from_vmdisk=vm:TEST:ide.1


MyTemplateName is name of the disk to be appeaing in AHV Image Configuration,

TEST is name of VM, template to be created, folllowed by disk type and disk id like ide.1 or scsi.0

Now you can create VM and use clone from AHV Image configuration.



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