Installing Windows Live Writer on Windows 10

Windows Live Writer was part of Windows Essentials which Microsoft discontinued, but had one of the best software MS had freely made available. As it is buried along with Microsoft Vista it cannot be installed straight forward on Windows 10.

Thanks for the TechNet Blog it is possible now to install it on Windows 10 and this post is using Live Writer on Windows 10.


Follow below steps;

  • Download Windows Live Writer installation files from


  • Save wlsetup-all.exe file in a folder. Example: c:\tmp
  • Open command prompt (cmd.exe) or PowerShell as you like
  • Navigate within command prompt to location where you saved wlsetup-all.exe file.
    Within the command prompt type: cd c:\temp (if that’s the location where you saved the wlsetup-all.exe file)
  • Type Below command

wlsetup-all.exe /AppSelect:Writer /q /log:C:\tmp\Writer.Log /noMU /noHomepage /noSearch

  • Hit enter
  • Wait for few minutes (Approx. 1) and click start and type Writer and olla

(c) Credits goes to Original Writer.


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